Three Latinx students

Ash Consulting Group provides coaching, consultation and comprehensive support to schools, colleges, universities and other institutions/organizations committed to inclusive excellence.

Core services offered include:

Inclusive Excellence Assessment

Through interviews, focus groups and an analysis of the institution’s key documents and marketing materials, we work to assess clients’ current state of Inclusive Excellence.

Program/Policy Development

We work with clients to revise and/or develop programs and policies that promote Inclusive Excellence throughout the entire institution.

Curriculum Development

We have expertise in a wide variety of subject areas and develop curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade and post-secondary institutions — curriculum that reflects, celebrates and engages the diversity of the school community.

Thematic Lecture Series Development

Harnessing our wealth of speaker relationships throughout the U.S., we develop compelling lecture series that explore and deepen a school community’s understanding of various curricular themes.